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Basic Artist Marketing Package


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Get started marketing your music online with Downers Club Records' Basic Marketing Package.

Term: 31 Days

We enable your growth and support your latest and upcoming releases, performances, and news through social media promotions on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels. We utilize a proven and successful social media strategy to increase reach and engagements on your content to finally convert potential listeners into your customers.

Our services also empower your career by sharing your content on streaming services. We promote your music through inclusion on our Spotify and SoundCloud playlists and through reposts on SoundCloud. Our SoundCloud and Spotify playlisting not only bring in streams, but followers, critics, and true fans.

In addition, this package supports your growth with custom email campaigns and promotions. We have one of the most successful and dedicated email lists in the industry. We'll promote your music to our contacts who are already interested in new content.

Furthermore, the package includes support through write-ups, reviews, interviews, and more content on our website and blog.


We will reach out to begin services at the contact information provided at purchase. Please ensure your contact information is entered correctly. If you have any questions or inquiries, email [email protected]