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DCR Album Rollout


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The DCR Album Rollout product is designed to help artists plan, strategize, accelerate, launch, and market a successful album release. Album Rollout leverages our design, audio, management, and marketing expertise to help artists plan and launch an album release. The DCR Album Rollout is a four-month engagement, with two months dedicated to the pre-release period, one month dedicated to the release, and one month dedicated to the post-release period.

DCR delivers marketing collateral, cover art, and promotional materials to best support the release. Audio engineers assist in all levels of audio engineering and design from vocal tuning and timing, mixing, mastering, and more.

DCR management works collaboratively with you to ensure the rollout aligns with existing brand themes and previous marketing work. DCR then executes an effective outreach strategy and markets your release with press releases, organic marketing, email marketing, and paid advertisement campaigns before and after your album release to ensure results.

DCR Album Rollout includes:

- Career strategy and release planning
- Pitching to industry stakeholders
- Audio engineering
- Graphic design
- Distribution assistance
- PRO registration
- Negotiating collaborations and split sheets
- Blog articles
- Social media marketing
- Email marketing
- Advertising on YouTube, Spotify, and Meta


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