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Gold Artist Development Bundle


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Get artist management and premium digital marketing services for your music from DCR in our Gold Artist Bundle.

Gold Marketing Package
Premium Artist Management and Development

Term: 31 Days
Estimated Reach: 25,000 people
Estimated Streams: 6,500 streams
Advertising Platforms: YouTube and Meta
Phone Support: Included

Interested in better understanding your audience, capturing dedicated listeners, and increasing the reach of your music? We can help you cost-effectively attract new and engaged listeners by leveraging our inbound marketing and advertising experience.

This package includes organic marketing on our social media accounts, our email newsletter, blog and website, and Spotify and SoundCloud playlists. This package also includes custom ad buying campaigns. Our team will craft a custom audience targeting your "most valuable listener"—the person most likely to stream your music, buy tickets to your shows, and purchase your merchandise. Our digital advertising brings new, long-term listeners and customers to your content.

This service also includes artist management services. Our artist management services primarily focus on brand strategy, helping book your shows, and connecting you with industry stakeholders. Our goal is to help you get paid gigs, signed to a record label or a receiving a publishing or distribution deal, have your music placed in TV and film through sync licensing contracts, get press coverage and Spotify playlists placements, and land your music on the radio.

We'll help you:

- Strengthen your brand strategy
- Create an Electronic Press Kit
- Plan your next song or other music release
- Register your music with PROs
- Get your music on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, etc.
- Collect your performance, digital, and mechanical royalties
- Book shows or a tour
- Pitch music to industry stakeholders
- And more!


We will reach out to begin services at the contact information provided at purchase. Please ensure your contact information is entered correctly. If you have any questions or inquiries, email [email protected]. Orders are nonrefundable.