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Single Rollout


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The Single Rollout is for artists who have "the song" that they want to push to the best of their ability. The Single Rollout package helps strategically release, promote, and pitch to industry stakeholders one song over a two-month period. This package is a bundle of two months of the Platinum Artist Development Bundle and the Social Media Management package.

Platinum Artist Development Bundle
Social Media Management

You save $250 compared to purchasing the packages separately.

Term: 2 Months
Estimated Reach: 200,000 people
Estimated Streams: 60,000 streams
Advertising Platforms: YouTube, Spotify, and Meta
Phone Support: Included

The first month of this service includes preparing and planning the release of the single, handling behind-the-scenes tasks, pre-release marketing, and scheduling the single to release in the first week of the second month. In the last month, we release and promote the single, ending with reporting on success across the management, marketing, and social media management services’ goals.


We will reach out to begin services at the contact information provided at purchase. Please ensure your contact information is entered correctly. If you have any questions or inquiries, email [email protected]. Orders are nonrefundable.